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Pick of the Week – American Vampire #16

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I was a bit down (and probably at times harsh) over the first few issues of this Vertigo series.  American Vampire has grown and matured into a solid vampire tale that stands out from the over abundance of vampire stories out there.  The series has spanned a few decades already and right now is in the middle of a vampire infestation during war.  It’s a beyond solid story and one I’m looking forward to this week.

  1. American Vampire #16 – see above.
  2. Flashpoint tie-ins – So far so good, I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of these releases this week.
  3. Venom #4 – I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this series and the new take on the Venom character.  It’s been fun and entertaining.
  4. Last Immortal #2 – I read the first issue as part of Top Cow’s compilation and this was one of the comics I really wanted to see more of and luckily I get the chance.
  5. Farm 54 – I read it and holy shit is it good.
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