Nisoor Square Shootings: Interactive Comics Journalism

Official Press Release

Today Cartoon Movement publishes a groundbreaking work of comics journalism by Dan Archer. “The Nisoor Square Shootings” is a multimedia comic that allows readers to move through a real-life event, seeing things as they unfolded from multiple perspectives.

In September of 2007, employees of the military contractor Blackwater killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Nisoor Square, Baghdad, sparking international outrage. Charges against Blackwater were controversially dismissed and the incident drew attention to the role contractors play in the Iraq War perhaps more than any other.

Based on eyewitness testimony, photo references, and numerous reports, Archer recreated the time line of the shooting, breaking down the chaotic events into an accessible multimedia comic that showcases the power and capability of graphic journalism on the web.

About Cartoon Movement

Cartoon Movement was launched in 2011 as a publishing platform for international editorial cartoons and comics journalism. The site has published work from artists in over 50 countries and is edited by Tjeerd Royaards and Matt Bors.

About Dan Archer

Dan Archer specializes in graphic narratives on U.S. politics, history, and human rights. He was the 2010-11 Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford and author of several works of comics journalism. His work has been published by Random House, Alternet, The Guardian UK, The Huffington Post, and translated into several different languages.