X-Men: First Class Most Pirated Movie for the Week

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Congrats, X-Men: First Class, you’re the top pirated movie according to TorrentFreak.  The website compiles the top downloads from BitTorent and the recently released movie topped the chart with copies of the movie recorded in theaters as opposed to rips from the DVD.  That type of movie is refereed to as telesync, you might know it as a bootleg.  Often that quality is pretty piss poor.

It’s an interesting list as it doesn’t necessarily coincide with what’s in the box office.

1(…)X-Men: First Class (TS)8.2 / trailer
2(2)Unknown7.1 / trailer
3(8)Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (TS)7.2 / trailer
4(3)Hall Pass6.0 / trailer
5(10)Just Go With It6.3 / trailer
6(1)The Hangover II (TS)7.0 / trailer
7(…)The Adjustment Bureau 7.1 / trailer
8(6)Priest (R5)5.7 / trailer
9(…)Paul7.3 / trailer
10(7)I Am Number Four6.5 / trailer