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Pick of the Week – Flashpoint tie-ins

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Again this week, I’d have to say, your best bet as far as quality is to pick up this week’s batch of Flashpoint tie-ins.  This week includes Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1, Flashpoint: Grodd of War #1, Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1, Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and The Furies #1.  There’s multiple books, but there’s few clunkers so far and those that were, were still entertaining.

  1. Flashpoint tie-inssee above.
  2. G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes #2 – Tied into the “Search for Cobra Commander” storyline, the search for a new leader of a terrorist organization seems like a timely plot for today’s world.
  3. Green Hornet #16 – Consistently solid and entertaining, this is one of the best action hero stories you’re probably not reading.
  4. Alpha Flight #1 – The prelude comic had a lot of promise, hopefully the series delivers.
  5. Kirby: Genesis #1 – Like above, a lot of promise, and here’s where we find out if it delivers.
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