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Pick of the Week – Flashpoint Tie-ins

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Last week Flashpoint and the majority of tie-ins all hit the mark as far as fun, quality and freshness.  All but one, in my opinion, were solid and just brought quality.  With five more tie-ins this week, I expect the same, which for me makes it the easy pick of the week.

  1. Flashpoint tie-ins – see above
  2. Mega Man #2 – I loved the first issue.  The world, look, feel, this is a fantastic all-ages comic that’s fun for kids and nostalgic for adults who grew up playing the video games.
  3. Blue Estate #3, Green Wake #2, Netherworld #2 – Image has been bringing quality lately and these three crime-ish comics show it off.
  4. Annihilators #4 – The cosmic end of Marvel hasn’t quite been as solid as it has been in the past lately, but I just want to see what happens next.
  5. Mystery Men #1 – I get a vibe like The Twelve from this new comic, lets hope it’s finished unlike that book.
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