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Comics Seized at US/Canadian Border

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The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund warned about it, but The Comics Journal is reporting that Rotland Press + Comic Work”s Black Eye anthology was confiscated at the US/Canadian border.  Tom Neely was traveling to TCAF this weekend and when he crossed the border the copies of Black Eye he had were grabbed due to the fact they’re “obscene” by customs.

According to Neely:

… They took ‘em. I tried to get them to just ship them back to me at home, but they said they were required to send it to Ottawa for review… if they found the material to be ‘obscene’ they would take ‘further action.’ I asked what ‘further action’ meant and he said they would just destroy them. Or there is a chance they might ship them back to me.

It was the page of Onsmith’s gags that they first saw… I tried to tell them that it was ‘parody’ and ‘humor’ and the rest of the book had essays on the history of dark humor… the customs guy was really cool and understanding, but he said he just couldn’t let them through. I just hope ‘further action’ doesn’t involve being arrested the next time I try to cross the border.

This news absolutely makes me think twice about crossing the border to events such as Fan Expo.

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