Around the Tubes

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It’s a new month and we’re debuting a new feature that highlights articles from other websites.  We can’t cover everything… yet.  So, we’re seeing what other sites found interesting and covered in the last few days (usually 24 hours).  It’s a whole new feature that we’re calling Around the Tubes.

The Comics ChroniclesHow were the comic book sales figures for January 2011?  Check out the breakdown here.

Death & TaxesAndrew Belonsky checks out Unemployed Man, and how he can save the world.

ManiaWhat are the 5 greatest comic book PSA’s?  Find out here.  A great slice of history.

Screen RantPowers is heading to FX.

ComicVineShould super heroes follow civilian laws? We’re going with no, our government doesn’t!

ICv2Upperdeck is launching a new trading card game based on Marvel comics.

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