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Heroclix – Beast

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the Giant Size X-Men Heroclix, Beast.

Heroclix BeastFrom the Wizkids website:

Beast’s Expeditious Assualt allows him to charge in where he’ll do the most good, while early-dial Outwit ensures his experience and scientific know-how are put to the best use; undermining your foes’ powers and abilities!Once Beast is engaged in the melee, his Preternatural Agility (Combat Reflexes) and his Trait help keep him safe from harm! Leaps and Bounds grants Beast a full dial of Super Senses and if your enemies somehow get around his defenses, Beast can Leap/Climb away to safety (and hopefully some healing via the X-Men team ability).

And talk about talented! Mid-dial Stealth and the Avengers team ability show how Hank is able to multi-task his time between his scientific studies, duties to the X-Men, and his new role as a member of Steve Roger’s Secret Avengers.

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