Friday Five: 30 Days of Marvel, Pt. 2

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Emma over at Girls Read Comics Too is doing “30 Days of Marvel” where she gives various superlatives about the Marvel Universe. It’s good reading and since I’m a fan of both Marvel and Girls Read Comics Too, I’m going to steal the idea and give my responses as well. This is my second 5, with more to come… (Go to the links to see Emma’s choices).

1. Favorite Organization: I’m going to go with A.I.M. The stupid yellow beehive costumes aside, the fact that there is an organization of evil scientists who want to take over the world is pretty cool. The fact that they are in those stupid costumes somehow makes them even more cool. The be fair, I probably wouldn’t have put A.I.M. on the list if it wasn’t for their recent participation in Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth.

2. Favorite Creature: Cosmo the talking Russian space dog with telepathic powers. Yes, the concept is ridiculous. Yes, the accent is horrible. Yes, every issue of everything he’s in is well-written and the character somehow works.

3. Favorite Movie: I think I’m going to way out on this one and say Blade. I know I’m supposed to say Spider-Man 1 or 2 or Iron Man or X-Men 2 and while I love all of those movies, I love Blade even more, for several reasons. First off, it was the movie that made all of these others possible. Second, it defined the Marvel movie style and answered the question of what to do with the spandex. Third, it was Wesley Snipes’s last hurrah and I always liked Wesley. Fourth, the music was awesome. Fifth, the fight scenes and weapons were amazing. Fifth, I don’t really need a fifth, the first four are good enough for me.

4. Favorite Classic Character: Not sure what they mean by “classic,” but everyone else who is answering this one seems to be pointing to first generation Marvel characters. In that context, I’ll go with Spider-man. When I get a tattoo, it will be of the classic Spidey logo. I talked about why I like Spidey so much last time, so I won’t rehash it, but lets just say that I’m guessing Marvel’s rise to prominence owes more to Spidey than any other character.

5. Favorite Costume: I love the Wolverine costume hew wore when I first started reading X-men, the classic brown and yellow one. I’ve come to realize that everyone else prefers the yellow and blue and that’s what is going to be the main costume, but I still prefer the earth tones. Deadpool’s costume is pretty great and I think the X-force silver and gray suits look really good.