Green Hornet Wins the Weekend

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The Green HornetLooks like the Green Hornet stung the competition at the weekend box office, bringing in an estimated $34 million.  That’s impressive as a lot of work went into the troubled film before it was finally released to the public.

When the movie was shown in sneak previews, the movie was panned by the audiences.  SONY went back to the drawing board to perform triage on the movie.  It made it through the weekend and wasn’t the flop everyone was expected, but has a while to go to make back it’s reported $110 million budget.

The movie was predominately male with 61% of the audience but generationally split with 50% of the audience under 25 years old.  It’s estimated the movie will make $40 million for the long MLK holiday weekend.

We’ll see what the second weekend brings to determine if the movie has wings.

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