Comic Book Weekly Reviews – 12/22/2010

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It’s almost the end of the year and this week saw a thick pile of comic books.  Which comic books is Santa reading after his long trip?  Which ones are the elves using to heat their factory?  Which should you pick up with the cash gained from returning Christmas gifts?  Check out the reviews below.

Monthly Comics

American Vampire #10 – The third story arc focuses on Pearl and Hattie.  It’s an interesting start to the story.  Two vampires, two different experiences and both heading towards a collision with each other.

Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8

Chew #16 – Strange writing has turned up in the sky, so the chicken prohibition will have to be placed on hold.  One of the strangest, funniest and most entertaining comics out there goes in a direction you don’t see coming (as usual).

Story: 9.25 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9

Deadpool #30 – It’s Deadpool versus a bunch of “draculas” in the usual hillarious action we’ve come toe expect.  The issue put a smile on my face.

Story: 8 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.75

Fantastic Four #586 – The series kicks it up a notch as the countdown to the death of a member continues.  It’s an attack on the Fantastic Four’s HQ as followers of Annihilus attempt to get to the Negative Zone.  Sue’s negotiations break down as the truth about Old Atlantis is revealed and Nu-World is visited my Mr. Fantastic.  Lots is going on here and it all feels exciting in a retro sort of way.

Story: 7.75 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.75

Green Lantern Corps. #55 – The three various Lantern comics are all telling pieces of the same puzzle which is interesting, but just feels like it’s a bit of a money grab.  Things haven’t been quite as amazing since the blockbuster events of recent past, but the new baddie that’s emerging seems to have a hell of a lot of potential.

Story: 7.5 Art: 8.25 Overall: 7.75

Green Lantern Lafreeze Christmas Special – Larfleeze learns the true meaning of Christmas in this cute and at times humorous story.  The art is top notch for a one shot that’s clearly a money grab.  While it’s enjoyable, I can’t say it’s worth the $3.99.

Story: 7.25 Art: 8 Overall: 7.5

I Am An Avenger #4 – Four short stories about various members of the Avengers.  None of it blew me away.  The one involving the Thing was completely foreshadowing what’s going on in the Fantastic Four.  All together, pretty ho-hum.

Story: 7 Art: 7.25 Overall: 7

Incorruptible #13 – The series is growing on me more and more and I like the new art style.  Max figures out a way to stop the Plutonian just as the events we’ve seen in his book are announced.  Now, where does he go from here?

Story: 8 Art: 7.75 Overall: 8

The Invincible Iron Man #33 – The chess game between Hammer and Stark continues as a new piece enters the board and we learn who’s really behind Hammer Industries.  This is consistently one of the best super hero comics on the market mixing in action, humor, and relevant stories.  It’s a battle between corporate behemoths instead of guys in tights and it’s just as thrilling.

Story: 9 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9

Klaws of the Panther #4 – Really didn’t enjoy this series and the ending at times is just a jumbled mess.  Add in so-so art and this is a series you can absolutely pass on.

Story: 6 Art: 6 Overall: 6

Namor: The First Mutant #5 – How can Alani breath underwater?  We learn the reason behind this in this look into Namor’s past.  It’s a bit of retcon to tie him closer to the current mutants.  The story isn’t too bad, but in the first issue post “Vampires” I’d hope to have it focused more on Namor in the present and the future direction of this series.

Story: 7.5 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.5

Punisher: In the Blood #2 – It’s great to have the Punisher back and this series is as good as he gets.  So solid and twisted in every sense.  The story is about revenge from multiple angles in every sense and the relationships between fathers and sons.  Welcome back Frank!  We missed you.

Story: 9 Art: 8 Overall: 9

Secret Avengers #8 – Steele and Fury need to figure out how to get Shang-Chi.  The story is just so solid and entertaining with a great mix of “history” and current events.  One of the best books of the week.

Story: 8.75 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.75

Shadowland: After the Fall – The aftermath to the summer event Shadowland.  The follow up to that disappointing event actually runs laps around what it’s wrapping up.  Ben Urich looks for answers for a newspaper article while Det. Kurtz must decide what to do about the fugitive Daredevil.  It’s a solid ending to a horrible comic event.

Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8

Superior #3 – This is the part of the story where the hero begins to make his presence known to the world by doing miraculous things but not really being seen doing them.  I know this series gets a lot of shit and there’s pretty clear influences here, but the series is pretty fun and there is something quite magical about it.

Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8

Uncanny X-Men #531 – The plot about the Mutant flu continues and it’s fairly interesting.  We learn more about Emma’s past with Sebastian Shaw and a bit more as to what she had to do to be the White Queen.  Also the fake X-Men continue their thing.  The issue is kind of blah.  There’s just something missing.

Story: 7 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.25

X-Men #6 – The battle with the vampires comes to an end with a lot left open for future story lines.  Overall it was a lot stronger of a story than I expected and worked quite well.  It’s one of the stronger “X” series out there.

Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25

X-Men: Legacy #243 – We get the finale to Omega Sentinel going crazy and Hellion dealing with the aftermath.  The story seems like it’ll have long term implications but the short term is very forgetable.

Story: 7 Art: 7.25 Overall: 7

Graphic Novel

War Is Boring – Reporter David Axe takes on various conflicts of war and it’s victims across the world.  We’ll have a longer review later in the week.