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Review – The Darkness/Pitt Volume 1 Trade Paperback

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The Darkness/Pitt Volume 1 Trade Paperback Front_cover_stamped_loAh, I remember Pitt.  Part of the early days of Image Comics, Pitt was a creation of Dale Keown and basically was a big Hulk like alien and a little boy with weird powers.  That’s about what I remember.  At some point between when I stopped reading comics and started back up again Pitt met The Darkness.  The Darkness/Pitt Volume 1 is a mix of stories, and boy is it entertaining.

Written by Paul Jenkins with art by Dale Keown the story sees Pitt team up with Jackie Estacado to take on aliens.

Dale Keown’s classic hero, Pitt, makes his return to comics! When Tim and Pitt’s mission to track down those infected by an alien virus brings them to The Darkness bearer Jackie’s stomping ground in New York, they are invariably drawn together. Both attract the unwanted attention of the Federal Government and mayhem ensues! The crossover reunites The Darkness writer Paul Jenkins (Captain America, Mythos) and Pitt creator Dale Keown (Hulk: The End), collecting the sold out The Darkness/Pitt #1-3 plus a collection of script, toned artwork, a cover gallery and much more. As an added value, this trade will also include The Darkness #75, an all-star anniversary issue by Phil Hester (The Anchor) and a host of fantastic artists!

The story is testosterone filled entertainment.  My biggest issue is a subtle homophobic vibe that permeates it.  It very well could be a few lines that without verbally hearing them could be read different ways, but I think Estacado would be a bit more evolved in his views than what’s portrayed.  But really that’s my only complaint.  This is about one liners and kicking ass.

Also included is The Darkness #75, my first reading of it.  It’s very entertaining with some awesome art and a very cool story.  We’re also treated to Pitt #1 which shows it’s age a bit.  While still interesting it definitely doesn’t quite hold up over the years, and absolutely doesn’t draw me in like it did when I was a kid.

If you’re a fan of Top Cow comics, this is good bang for the buck, especially if you’ve never read any of the material.

Plot: Jenkins plots out what I’d expect, lots of action and not much else.  There’s witty one-liners, lots of blood and guts, and very little character development.  The issues got me to laugh, and in the end I finished enjoying myself.  Hester’s Darkness is fantastic and adds to the collection.  Not connected at all to the Pitt story, it’s just a fantastic tale that stands on it’s own.  Rating: 7.75

Art: Keown’s art stands up with some crazy splash pages and tons of action.  It adds to everything, and I caught myself lingering on pages looking over everything.  It’s just solid work, and it’s great to see it all in one collection.  Rating: 8

Overall: This is a great bang for your buck.  It’s absolutely not for everyone, but if you want crazy sci-fi action with lots of explosions, blood and guts and one liners, then the price is right.  None of this is ground breaking, but it’s absolutely entertaining.  Perfect for the Top Cow fans out there.  Overall rating: 8


Page count: 144 pages    Price: $14.99    Release Date: 11/24/2010

Top Cow provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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