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Government Bodies is Optioned for Television Development by Reservoir Films

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Frozen Beach Studios


Government Bodies is Optioned for Television Development by Reservoir Films

[November 19, 2010 – Port St. Lucie, FL] Today, Frozen Beach Studios is proud to announce that its comic book series Government Bodies has been optioned for television development by Reservoir Films.  Nu Image, Inc. is the sales agent.

The Government Bodies are a secretive squad of covert operatives, led by a rogue FBI agent, who attempt to destroy the criminal enterprise that has set up shop along the Gulf coast.  Set in New Orleans, this tightly-knit group of ex-Special Forces officers, tactical geniuses, and former hitmen use the most advanced weaponry and tactics to strike fear in the hearts of the bad guys.  Pursued by a suspicious high-ranking FBI official and a dangerously psychotic criminal overlord, the Government Bodies must operate with exact precision, and then disappear into the shadows without a trace.

The four-issue comic book series originally published in 2005 under the Across the Pond Studios label and is available for purchase through –

About Frozen Beach Studios
Frozen Beach Studios was established in 2009 by Stephan Nilson, Charles Pritchett and Wesley Gunn, as a studio which produces comics, graphic novels, television series and movies. Together the three creators have over thirty years experience in writing, print production, animation and film making. Their combined skill sets result in a perfect balance of talent and experience which allows them to create and produce any project from start to finish.  The name Frozen Beach Studios is a homage to the creators’ home bases in sunny Florida, the seasonal New York and the frozen coast of Prince Edward Island.  Visit Frozen Beach Studios online at

About Nu Image, Inc.
Nu Image, Inc. is a sales agent and worldwide distributor.


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