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11 / 4 / 08



“This film takes you back to that historical day in 2008 when a nation built on the backs of slaves elected an African American as president.  Sitting and watching it was EXHILARATING — and it helped shore up my waning hope that change could still occur.”
–Michael Moore 

“Watching the film you’re reminded how it felt for so much of the country to have so much hope.”
–Ari Berman, The Nation

–Michael Tully, Hammer To Nail

ABOUT 11/4/08:

Two weeks before the election of Barack Obama, filmmaker Jeff Deutchman asked his friends around the world to record their experiences of 11/4/08, a day that had become “historic” before it had even taken place.  He collected footage from a combination of passionate amateurs and acclaimed independent filmmakers, including Henry Joost (Catfish), Margaret Brown (The Order of Myths), Joe Swanberg (Alexander the Last) and Benh Zeitlin (Glory At Sea).
In this vérité documentary, we see the results of that project: in St. Louis and Austin, idealistic volunteers think they can turn their states blue; in Chicago, voter lines are made even longer when Obama shows up to cast his own vote; in Alaska, children seem to be as invested in the election results as their parents; in Paris, an organization discusses whether there could ever be a black President of France; in Dubai, Berlin, Geneva and New Dehli, expatriates express their emotion from a distance; and in Harlem, a felon casts doubt on whether any of this will actually affect his life.

As we approach the final announcement of Obama’s victory at 11pm EST, what emerges is a portrait of how people choose to live through “history”: the celebration of a new future remaining entangled with the universally visible tensions of the past.

Special Achievement in Interactive Filmmaking, Chicago International Film Festival
Official Selection, Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival

Official Selection, Indianapolis International Film Festival
Official Selection, Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Series NYC

Official Selection, Sarasota Film Festival
World Premiere, SXSW Film Festival


The film releases nationwide on VOD October 22, 2010 via the following digital platforms:

·       iTunes

·       AmazonVOD

·       Sony Playstation

·       CinemaNow

On October 20, 2010 11/4/08 will play theatrically in the cities listed below and followed by a simulcast Q&A with Jeff Deutchman live from the Philadelphia Film Festival.

·       Austin, TX

·       Brunswick, ME

·       Cary, NC

·       Chicago, IL

·       Claremont, CA

·       Dallas, TX

·       Davis, CA

·       Encino, CA

·       Honolulu, HI

·       Lake Worth, FL

·       Lake Park, FL

·       Newport, RI

·       Pasadena, CA

·       Philadelphia, PA

·       San Jose, CA

·       Santa Monica, CA

·       St. Johnsbury, VT

·       St. Pete Beach, FL

·       Three Rivers, MI

·       Traverse City, MI

·       West Hollywood, CA

·       Wilmington, DE