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Ex Machina #50

Mayor Hundred – Thinking about crap like that is what Government does best.  It’s the unthinkable we always fuck up.


Kremlin – Republican, Democrat, Independent, whatever.  These are just Coke and Pepsi, different names same watered-down shit.

Fables #97

Brock – Stinky was my farm prisoner-bondage name, and I won’t hear it any longer.

Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #2

Priest – Even when it looked like the economy was no longer sliding down the drain, the aftershock was throwing so many people out of work.  CNN may have talked about recovery, but in the blue-collar trenches we were back to the Great Depression.  It felt like those Wall Street fiends had sold all our souls to the devil.  In my vanity and naiveté I thought, well, at least things have bottomed out.  Things have to get better from here.