Choice Quotes

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Here’s this week’s batch of quotes that prove comics isn’t just for kids these days.

Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers #2

Captain America – I think this war will cause a lot of Americans to rethink their attitudes.  You can’t go to war with a bunch of jerks who call themselves the master race and turn around and do the same thing back home.

Black Panther – Evil is only allowed to flourish when good men do nothing to stop it.  As a symbol of your country your actions take on great weight.  The true test of your ideals come when the war is over.

Captain America – What do you mean?

Black Panther – A nation at war has an enemy to unify them.  A nation with no enemy… often looks for one within it’s own borders.

Superman: War of the Supermen #1

Alura – Reactron is a prisoner of the state, and he has information necessary for the protection of our people —

Kara – “Our people”?  Have you lost your freaking mind?  You’ve been torturing someone down here, mom!  Someone you sent me to Earth to bring back to New Krypton.  That makes me responsible for him.  Just as it makes me complicit in a war crime.

Alura – If I have to go to extreme measures to get information out of him — information that will keep our planet safe — it’s worth it.