Choice Quotes

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Thor #607

Reporter 1 – He’s only a murdered if he’s responsible.  I think there’s a huge question mark over the whole thing now.

Reporter 2 – Exactly.  He’s handed himself over.  This is a matter for the courts, not task forces.  The question is… when is someone going to find the time from waging this war on American soil and go and arrest him?

Walking Dead #70

Cong. Monroe – The goatee is something I’d always wanted to try, but was frowned upon politically.


Cong. Monroe – I should warn you, I am known to ramble.  I don’t mean to bore you, but politicans like to talk.

X-Factor #202

Jamie Madrox – Good hand-in-hand with evil.  Or is it?  I’m returning to a country basically run by Norman Osborn.  It’s hard to have  amoral compass when every direction is north.