Choice Quotes

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Captain America #603

Narrator – Traveling on a bus from New York to Idaho… the man you would be Captain America learned a lot about the changing face of his country.  The empty houses and unemployment lines reminded him of the world of his youth.  He saw the Great Depression end as the war brought a wave of industry to America.  Now, the factories were closed, and the wars abraod made no difference… he didn’t understand that.  He remembered President Eisenhower, remembered the ideals of the ’50s… Remembered an America that had the best schools, the best worked… a great country.

Dark Avengers #14

Miss Hand – I want Norman Osborn to lead.  I want you to lead our country into a place where Americans can live peaceful, fearless lives of comfort.

DoomWar #1

Desturi leader – — and now we are secure.  All Ambassadors have been expelled.  All borders closed, all press sent packing.  All foreign nationals have been given twelve hours to leave the country, no exceptions made.


Press – Reaction from the world leaders has been mixed and cautious.  White House sources say that President Obama is expected to make a statement later today.


Desturi leader – There is no epidemic, this is classic protest behavior.


Black Panther – The takeover of the Wakandan government is a criminal act.  We offer you one chance to stand down and avoid bloodshed.  One chance.  If you disarm and stand down, I offer clemency and justice.  We will allow representatives of the Desturi to participate in our political process, to have a voice in council.

Incorruptible #3

Max Damage – You’re right Armadale.  This town’s a wreck.

Det. Armadale – And I still don’t know why you care.  It’s like listening to Katrina apologize for New Orleans.

Resurrection #8

Sara – Well, this is a comforting thought.  The country is in shambles, human civilization as we know it is over.  But political correctness is alive and well.

President Clinton – I can only hope, Miss Lisco.  I can only hope.