Friday Fun: Gay = Death the Comic Book

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Welcome to our second entry in our Friday Fun series, which looks at historic comic books.  Our second entry in the series picks up from the first, with another comic book produced by Dick Hafer.  Hafer is a conservative cartoonist who’s produced some doozies (and enough material to keep us going for a while).

This one is entitled Homosexuality: Legitimate, Alternate Deathstyle and was produced in 1986 during the AIDS hysteria.

We’re sure these topics were thoroughly researched but the comic covered such issues as the history of homosexuality, AIDS and other diseases, homosexuality and politics, the law, and the church, education, molestation, crime and if it can be cured.

Did Hafer go into the field to study all of this?  The comic includes numerous graphic descriptions of sex acts, all of which also occur between heterosexual people.

The comic even got Congressman William E. Dannemeyer to contribute a statement for the back:

Dick Hafer has seriously – but honestly – addressed the issue of whether we should change our culture by accepting homosexuality as an alternative to the heterosexual lifestyle ordained by God.

At least the Congressmen refers to them as homosexuals as opposed to Hafer who enjoys the word sodomite.

The comic is a site to be hold, and you can read it in full at

Thanks for and it’s amazing collection of these fantastic nuggets of history.