George Wallace Spreads the Hate, In Comic Form

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Comics Alliance has unearthed this nugget of political comic book history.  We’ve seen the political good comics have done and how they in the civil rights movement.  But here’s an example of comics being used to, um, do the opposite.  George Wallace, the former Alabama governor best known for the line “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever,” used the comic format to push himself and his political agenda.

As Comics Alliance puts it:

The comic — which naturally fails to include a single black person — paints Wallace as a populist, willing to stand up for the (white) people of Alabama again the big bad know-it-all government that kept telling them how to run their state, e.g. treat all of their citizens as actual people.

Having worked in politics, I see utter crap strewn about all day, but this one just leaves me speechless.  Head to Comics Alliance for scans of the pages and some more on the story.  Words just can’t do this one justice.