Choice Quotes

Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield?

President Obama – I’ll risk my reputation giving a Presidential pardon to Captain America… because frankly, the Registration Act seemed un-American to me… but until Congress changes the laws, that’s the most I can do.

The Last Days of American Crime #1

Graham – Turns out Diesel is easier on the environment.  I read that — Gospel truth.  Not that it matters much anymore — but it’s interesting.  Stuff is easier on the environment and it’s the stuff nobody uses.  Suicidal.


Shelby – The days of Americans getting away with prideful arrogance for simply being American — far over.  It’s the decline.  Look around you’re soaking in it.


Kevin Cash – Behind all your liberal posturing, when it’s time to blame a bullshit crime on an imaginary man — that fucker will always be imagined black.