Choice Quotes

Dark Reign: The List – Secret Warriors

Norman Osborn – Two things you should know: I’m the man responsible for the national security of the United States.  This is the truth.  It’s also true that the current administration has publicly stated that there are certain things we no longer do in the name of national security.

Deadpool #16

Mr. Kincaid – Let me be clear on something: I’m not anti-mutant, I’m pro-parental rights.  My daughter is a minor.  She’s been transferred from what was initially described to me and my ex-wife as a “school” to some sort of… military compound, and I’m being blocked from visiting her.  It’s that simple.


Mr. Kincaid – The law has failed me, both as a citizen and a father.  I’m not going to take that lying down.  I’m calling on the Mayor, the Governor, our Senators and Congressmen…