Choice Quotes

Ex Machina #45

Mayor Hundred – Whatever, it’ll be your house in a few months anyway.

Dave – See, I don’t know about that.  Odds are I’m going to have Bob Kerrey running to the left of me, Ogniebene to my right and Bloomberg down the middle.  And most New Yorkers are still smarting from the last time they elected a black man Mayor.


Dave – We could be the first city in America to announce a multimillion-dollar plan to get the morning-after pill into more women’s hands, and I think we should.

Mayor Hundred – After four years of me successfully dodging that shitstorm, now you want me to use taxpayer dollars on abortion pills?

Dave – That’s RU-486.  Morning-after is just emergency contraception.  No different than us handing out condoms on the subway.

Mayor Hundred – Except it is.  I’m with you that abstinence is a fairy tale, but I think some birth control options are more… hot-button than others.


Dave – But… you’re pro-choice.  Aren’t you?

Mayor Hundred – That’s what certainly what everyone believes.

Dave – And what the hell do you believe?

Mayor Hundred – That public servants should try to avoid genital politics and concentrate on actually getting shit done.

Punisher #9

Microchip – He’s Dead Frank.  Deader than the G.O.P.