2008 Democratic Convention – Thursday

I was there….

The day started off helping out the the women’s caucus’ morning event. Some great speakers but the highlights were Howard Dean and Michelle Obama. There were some Hillary protesters as well as some pro-life protesters as well. It was a nice event and I was glad I was there to see Michelle in person and its always great to see Howard Dean speak.

After that we grabbed lunch as a staff and headed off to Invesco field about 3pm. You take a bus to the field and then go through security. It was actually pretty quick considering. We then spent the hours waiting for the highlight of Obama who knocked it out of the park. The energy was fantastic and it was a great time. The trip back was a bit of a mess but I lucked out and found my way on a shuttle back to downtown.

As far as Obama though, well done future Mr. President…..

There’ll be more videos up this week, but….

I’m off to the Penny Arcade Expo! From a political convention to a video game one. Those posts start tomorrow.


Part 1:


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