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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes Zombies Eat Republicans

Hype Comics have released a “cutting edge” HTML 5 interactive comic, Zombies Eat Republicans (does that count as cannibalism since the zombies are eating their own?).

An up and coming idealistic and conservative Republican press secretary from San Diego gets crash course in survival when the presidential campaign trail takes a sudden unexpected turn as he discovers everything he though he knew about party loyalty and social ties comes into question as he tries to save the country from a zombie attack and potential nuclear annihilation.

The series is described as Ides of March meets Dawn of the Dead packaged in a cross platform HTML 5 format with music, sound effects, and animation. Best of all, it’s interactive all the way. The content is now available for the iPad as a stand-alone web app.

A zombie political comic!?  Hell yes, sign me up.