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GEN Manhwa Monthly #1 and Sorako Graphic Novel, Out Now!

gen_manhwa_stone_collectorGEN Manga has announced the launch of their new Korean comics magazine, GEN Manhwa. GEN Manhwa #1 introduces – Stone Collector – a non-stop full of action title full of monsters and zombies! But, that’s not the only exciting release, Sorako, a new graphic novel is now available too.

GEN Manhwa #1 introducing – Stone Collector

Stone Collector: Pieces of curse fall from the sky as if to mock the cruelty and evil of humanity. These stones create wretched beasts and the blood of these beasts turn human flesh into the undead. There is only one thing that can destroy these hellish fiends — Jade Stone. This is the story of a Stone Collector. One who wields Jade forged blades. A man whose family was murdered by these evil abominations and he now has vowed to rid the world of sorako_homethe foul presence. —Author: Kevin Han  —Artist: Zom-J

SORAKO Graphic Novel Released!

The second release in GEN Manga’s 2013 graphic novel publishing schedule is the indie fan favorite Sorako. Complete with new artwork and new chapters!

The art of Sorako is fluid, quick, imprecise. Lines aren’t perfectly straight nor details entirely accurate, but the rough drafting style gives the frames energy and character, enhancing the impression that the artist’s goal is to tell Sorako’s story, blemishes and all. —AnimeNation

Sorako lives an ordinary life. And this is an ordinary story. She has friends and family, loves her dog, thinks about life, and occasionally looks for work (kinda). These are the adventures into a typical girl’s life.
—Author & Artist: Takayuki Fujimura

GEN Manga has also launched a Kickstarter to get Sorako into printed form. Take advantage, there’s some great deals to be had for manga fans!