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Draculina’s Family Reunion From Hell in… Blood Simple!

Draculina: Blood Simple, a new series starring Vampirella’s devilish sister and her teenaged better half is coming up this February. Writer Christopher Priest, artist Michael Sta. Maria, and colorist Ivan Nunes return for their follow up to 2021’s breakout Draculina title for a family brawl worthy of “VampireMania!”

Just as Draculina, Vampirella’s evil sister, has begun to acquire a grudging acceptance of Vampirette (her preteen alter-ego otherwise known as Katie), another sibling appears. This mysterious new character is drawn out by the reemergence of the demon Belial, who fathered a legion of demons with Vampirella’s mother Lilith. Levi (short for “Leviathan”) is a powerful half-sea creature with his father’s temper and his sister’s sense of evil mischief – and like Draculina, he wants Belial dead!

Vampirette has fully embraced the demon Belial, who is now retired and living quietly in Beverly Hills, as her beloved “Uncle Gio.” The siblings Draculina and Levi’s provocations threaten to reignite Belial’s evil fury, to the delight of their mother Lilith, whom Belial saved from certain death but whom she nonetheless despises. Lilith further stirs the cauldron by engineering a confrontation between Draculina and her new protégé, Victory, the new Draculina, which inevitably draws Vampirella into this sprawling family squabble as well! Set the table and warm up the oven for the family reunion from hell and one of the most expansive rosters in any Vampirella title ever!

Draculina first appeared in the pages of Vampirella #2 from Warren Publishing back in November of 1969. The character made her biggest return splash at Dynamite in 2021 in the year long companion series Sacred Six by Christopher Priest and company. Recently, Draculina starred in her first ever solo series from Priest and Sta. Maria that sets up the connection between her and her younger counterpart, Katie/Vampirette. Which now catches fans right up to this new title, but it can be jumped right into by newcomers too!

For Draculina’s grand return and this epic crossover series, a who’s who of top artists are doing variant covers. Jay Anacleto takes charge with a haunting, blood-soaked take on the antiheroine. Vampi franchise greats Joseph Michael Linsner, Rafael Kayanan, Zoe Lacchei, Lucio Parrillo, and cosplayer Rachel Hollon also join the throwdown.

Preview: Vampirella / Dracula: Unholy #6

Vampirella / Dracula: Unholy #6

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Donny Hadiwidjaja
Covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Rose Besch (B), Shannon Maer (C), Zoe Lacchei (D), Cosplay / Neried (E)
32 pages | Horror | $3.99 | Teen+

Vampirella’s husband, Matt Ecsed, is finally free of Dracula’s curse…or is he? There are spoilers on literally every page of this hair-trigger climax, including a final page stunner that is also bound to be spoiled by internet trolls! Vampirella’s epic love/hate affair with the Lord of Evil concludes here, and the most we can say about this final issue is you’ll hate yourself if you miss it (and we’ll hate you, too).

Vampirella / Dracula: Unholy #6

The Game Has Changed in The Killer: Affairs of the State #3

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at The Killer: Affairs of the State #3, the next issue in the return of the Eisner Award-nominated series by acclaimed artist Luc Jacamon and writer Matz, bringing readers into the Killer’s high-stakes world of espionage and contract killing. 

The game has changed… A key player has been knocked off of the board for good, and the Killer finds himself in the midst of an escalating crisis. The Killer’s handler within the French government tasks him with tracking down the source of illegal guns fueling local gang wars… one with dangerous ties to a hotshot political figure.

The Killer: Affairs of the State #3 features all-new main cover art by series artist and global star illustrator Jacamon, and variant covers by highly acclaimed artists Greg Smallwood and Zoe Lacchei. Coming to comic shops on April 27.

The Killer: Affairs of the State #3

Preview: Vampirella (Vol. 5) #25

Vampirella (Vol. 5) #25

writer: Christopher Priest
artist: Ergün Gündüz
covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Shannon Maer (B), Rose Besch (C), KyuYong Eom (D), Lorraine Cosplay (E), Ergün Gündüz (F), Zoe Lacchei (G), InHyuk Lee (H-RI), Maria Laura Sanapo (I-RI), Emanuela Lupacchino (J-RI), Marco Mastrazzo (K-RI), Maria Laura Sanapo (L-RI/BW), Rose Besch (M-RI/Monochromatic), Lucio Parrillo (N-RI/BW), InHyuk Lee (O-RI/Virgin), Lorraine Cosplay (P-RI/Virgin), Marco Mastrazzo (Q-RI/Virgin), Marco Mastrazzo (R-RI/ BW), Lucio Parrillo (S-RI/BW Virgin), KyuYong Eom (T-RI/Virgin), Zoe Lacchie (U-RI/Virgin)
FC | 32 pages | Horror | $3.99 | Teen+

RED MASS is here!

Can Vampirella cheat fate? That’s the question our interstellar vampire faces as she unites in unholy matrimony with the man who would be DRACULA!

Yes, you read that right. Don’t miss the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY as Vampi forges a bond in blood to save the life of an innocent man. And, unlike certain other weddings, this one will actually happen!

PLUS: It’s the FINAL ISSUE of the series!

Yes, you read that right. CHRISTOPHER PRIEST and ERGÜN GÜNDÜZ’s epic 25 issue journey comes to it’s conclusion! (Or does it?)

So check the registry, clean your tuxedo and save the date, ‘cause only Vampi could end her 50th anniversary celebration with a wedding!

Vampirella (Vol. 5) #25

Vampirella’s Wedding Gets Even Bigger with Extra Pages!

Vampirella is getting married to Dracula, and the wedding of the century can hardly be contained to one comic book! Dynamite announces that the history-making Vampirella #25 is expanding with extra pages to properly portray this momentous occasion.

As Christopher Priest nears his ultimate climax of his celebrated run on Vampirella, his ambitious tale needed just a little extra space. With no intention of impeding his groundbreaking narrative, Dynamite is bulking up the final issue of the current series. Vampirella #25 will now be 40 pages, rather than 32. With every single extra page being devoted to the story, up from 20 to 28 pages.

Best of all, this change will not be reflected in any change of price for fans or retailers who have supported the book over the years or are interested in checking it out for this huge event that will set up several exciting developments to come.

Save the date! Vampirella #25 is in stores October 20th and Vampirella will be getting married – not a fake out, a dream, or an imaginary story. Beyond the hearty page count, the celebration is also marked by an all-star squad of top cover artists including Rose Besch, Lucio Parrillo, Zoe Lacchei, Shannon Maer, InHyuk Lee, and more.

Vampirella #25