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Review: Zodiac Starforce Adventures

Zodiac Starforce AdventuresWith its brand new series coming out from Dark Horse Comics next week, I thought I’d dig into my back issue bin to pull out a blast from the past, Zodiac Starforce Adventures. I picked this up at a Small Press Expo (though maybe it was Big Planet) a while back, and I could tell when I picked it up it was one of those comics that was a great find. Published by Big Planet Comics this indie comic is created by the team of writer Kevin Panetta and artist Paulina Ganucheau with tones by Savanna Canucheau. The comic also features pin-ups from Savanna, Brooke Allen (of Lumberjanes fame) and Coleman Engle (of Steven Universe). The black and white minicomic exudes talent, and it’s great that Dark Horse sees this too.

Part of a long line of mystic defenders, the Zodiac Starforce is an elite group of teenage girls with magical powers who are sworn to protect our planet against dark creatures.

By the power of Astra, Zodiac Starforce lights the way!

zodiac starforceZodiac Starforce Adventures: Ghost in the Arcade Machine is a short fun comic that has the team in an arcade battling a ghost. Not too complicated stuff, but it has everything it needs. Cool design? Check. Group of kick-ass girls? Check. Fun/entertaining story? Check. Yeah, it’s not hard to see why this got picked up by a major publisher. All that stuff above as far as mystic defenders? Not so much here as far as details. But they fight a dark creature with magical powers.

The art and story is a great mix with just a fun positive vibe about it all. This is girl power for kids of all ages (even us in our 30s).

Zodiac Starforce has everything I love in this type of comic (obviously) and with a new series around the corner, it’s going to be fantastic to see where Panetta and Ganucheau take the series, and how big this will blow up, plus it’ll be in color! I’m predicting a hardcore Tumblr following at least.

You can actually check out the comic on the Zodiac Starforce website, and get prepared for the new series’ debut this coming Wednesday! And of course we’ll have a review. This one is a buy though, if you can find it, and if not, you can read it at the link above.

Story: Kevin Panetta Art: Paulina Ganucheau
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy