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Preview – The Stars #1

Official Press Release

Earthbound Comics is starting the new year off right with our first full color book! A story that will forever change the way readers look at Superhero Teams. The Stars is a 6 issue limited series created, written, and drawn by Winter War veteran Kurt Belcher. It also features art by Zachary Turner and Martin Montiel.

Don Smith of ParcBench.com writes: “Kurt Belcher is one of the best independent creators I have seen… He is both an amazing writer and artist. Anyone who picks up a comic with his name on it will not be disappointed!” The Stars #1 will be released January 1st with two separate covers. One by creator and artist Kurt Belcher and an alternate cover by Top Cow & Zenescope artist Martin Montiel.

The Stars made their name battling superhuman weapons of mass destruction until a mission gone wrong put them on hiatus. Now reassembled by their super-celebrity leader, John Century, the group is being subtly manipulated as they try to replace lost members. Before The Stars can get back to business as usual, they have to defend themselves against an attack – Secret Russian superhumans are executing a hostile takeover of the planet… and the only thing in their way is The Stars!

The Stars #1 will be available January 1st at Eathboundcomics.com. In print at Indyplanet.com and formatted for digital download at Drivethrucomics.com.

It is the newest book in Earthbound Comics’ Book a Month Initiative. See our website for other great titles.

Earthbound Comics is a company dedicated to putting out and promoting quality comics from a variety of creators. We’ve chosen to bypass the traditional Direct Market method, in favor of a POD (print on demand) model, because we feel that that by cutting out the financial hurdles of the direct market, we can focus more on CREATING COMICS instead of financing them.