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Yungblud Announces a Second Graphic Novel

Yungblud’s debut graphic novel, The Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club took the pop culture world by storm last year, selling out within days of its initial release, with fans scrambling to grab a copy. Today on his massively popular YouTube show, the young and influential English artist announces his return to comics with the sequel: Weird Times at Quarry Banks University.

From the same beautifully eccentric mind of music sensation Yungblud comes the follow up to last year’s breakout hit graphic novel, again pairing him with co-writer Ryan O’Sullivan of the White Noise collective that brings all of the same delightfully dark humor back to the page in Weird Times at Quarry Banks University. Now eighteen, and having graduated from Blackheart’s High School; Yungblud, plus his super-powered friends Harmony, Scout, Zombie Joshua, Em, and Encore are now enrolled as students at Quarry Bank University. At first, it seems like university life is all drugs, sex and relationship drama. But when a new foe with a familiar face arrives from the Manga Dimension, the Ritalin Club find themselves caught in a trip that may cost them their very lives!

Yungblud Presents: The Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club Volume 2: Weird Times at Quarry Banks University is co-written by Ryan Sullivan, with art by Derick Jones and Minomiyabl, and is available for preorder now in multiple editions. Visit the Z2 website now to order today in both standard and limited deluxe editions. This special 9×15 oversized book comes packaged in a gorgeous slipcase and includes an exclusive vinyl variant of the young artist’s upcoming album, with each copy signed by Yungblud himself in a one-time limited edition of 1,200.

Yungblud Presents: The Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club Volume 2: Weird Times at Quarry Banks University

Z2 Comics and Yungblud Presents The Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club

Z2 Comics is expanding its music-affiliated graphic novels with a new original concept with Yungblud. Yungblud presents The Twisted Tales Of The Ritalin Club slated for release in October. The graphic novel will come with an exclusive EP of new music created by Yungblud specifically for the graphic novel.

The deluxe edition, limited to 1000 copies, comes autographed and contains three exclusive prints. The deluxe edition is now available for pre-order. The standard edition is also available in the United States via Amazon and in the United Kingdom at Amazon UK.

The story of Yungblud Presents The Twisted Tales Of The Ritalin Club was created by Yungblud and Ryan O’Sullivan and follows pupils attending Blackheart’s Boarding School. All students must be punctual, masked, and heavily medicated. The displaying of superpowers is strictly forbidden. Any pupils encountering Yungblud or any member of his so-called “Ritalin Club” are to seek a teacher immediately. Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in execution. The graphic novel will be drawn and inked by a collection of some of the brightest talents in the comic world today.

Z2 Comics has found success with a string of graphic novel partnerships with musicians and artists such as BabyMetal, Andy Black, Skillet, and Grateful Dead.