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TOKYOPOP Announces New European Releases


TOKYOPOP has revealed its May and June manga releases across Europe. With retail stores reopening around the world, TOKYOPOP’s worldwide publishing efforts are also picking up, with a vast selection of genres for manga fans published in German.

Wie Blüten und Blitze (Like Flowers and Lightning) by Kana Watanabe is a manga with an inspirational tone. Umiho is shy and has fallen head over heels in love, but doesn’t dare confess to her crush out of fear of rejection. Like a breath of fresh air, the headstrong Yachiko suddenly swirls into Umiho’s life and turns it upside down with a simple observation: “most of the time you’re angry most because you did nothing, right?” From that moment on, Umiho takes her fate into her own hands.

Written by Robinson Haruhara with art by Yuki SatoSuginami on Dungeon Duty is one for shounen fans. Set in modern-day Tokyo with a medieval fantasy flare, the world is under constant siege by monsters from an underground network of dungeons. Civil servants are trained, armed, and sent down to protect their homes from attack, and Suginami is an apprentice defender, ready to put his skills to the test.

Two other first volumes released in May were Sword Art Online – Project Alicization, and Dog End.

June marked the first volume of Do Something Bad With Me, by Haru Aoi. This shoujo romance title follows Towako, a teenage girl who writes her secret thoughts and fantasies down in her diary. She always keeps it safe, but when her classmate Yui gets a hold of it, he offers her a surprising proposal.

Another shoujo release, Zum Glück bei dir (Fortunately With You) from Rika Enoki is a standalone romance title. Yae grew up with her parents in Tokyo, but when they take an assignment abroad she finds herself taking care of her grandparents house in the country by herself. Fortunately, the charming neighbor Oda, who works as a priest in the nearby shrine, helps her with her chores. But it seems he might be just as interested in Yae herself…

Four more titles launching in June are Apocalyptic OrgansKoimonogatari (Love Stories), Unter der Oberfläche (Under the Surface), and Love You Till You Die.