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Yuichiro Hayashi, Hiroyuki Takei of Garo: The Animation Head to Otakon

HiroyukiTakeiTwo of the instrumental forces behind Garo: The Animation will attend Otakon 2015 as guests: director Yuichiro Hayashi and character designer Hiroyuki Takei. Garo: The Animation is animated by MAPPA, the studio run by Masao Maruyama.

Hayashi began his career with Studio LIVE in 2001. He served as unit director, animation director and did key animation on Batman Gotham Knight: In Darkness Dwells. He performed mechanical design for Halo Legends: Baby Sitter and was art director for Welcome to Space Show, as well as doing concept art design for Quantuma@Theory. For 009 Re: Cyborg he did the storyboard, and he stepped up to director for a Toyota PES commercial before helming his first series, Garo: The Animation.

YuichiroHayashiIn addition to being a character designer for Garo: The Animation, Takei is also the manga-ka for Shaman King and ULTIMO. His other credits include doing the story and art for the mangas Butsu Zone, Funbari no Uta and Juki Ningen Jumbor.

Garo: The Animation, is a supernatural series, where magical knights and their sorcerer assistants are hunted down and killed by the king’s chief adviser, Mendosa. But one child, Leon, born to a sorceress just before her execution, is secreted away by his knight father, Herman. In hiding, Herman raises Leon as the heir to the legendary Golden Armor. By the time Leon has grown, the chief adviser has gained complete control of the king and even banished Prince Alfonso and his mother. The prince begins his own journey, searching for the heir of the Golden Armor in order to reclaim his throne.

MAPPA is an animation studio founded in 2011 by Maruyama, the founder and former producer of Madhouse. MAPPA stands for Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association.

Otakon 2015 will be held July 24-26 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD. Otakon 2015 is celebrating fairy tales, folk stories, myths, and legends.