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Heavy Metal Entertainment and Aethon Books Announce a New Partnership

The Luna Missile Crisis
The Luna Missile Crisis

Heavy Metal Entertainment has announced a new partnership with Aethon Books. Aethon Books is publishing the next generation of Science Fiction & Fantasy. Aethon has a focus of building a “bridge between authors and their potential readers.” This partnership allows Heavy Metal to expand and stretch into the world of prose and audiobooks. Both companies will have a greater reach into each other’s business worlds.

Upcoming titles under this partnership:

The Luna Missile Crisis

By Rhett C Bruno & Jaime Castle
eBook & Hardcover Release Date: 9/22/2020
Audiobook Release Date: 2/20/2020 (Is an Audible Original narrated by Ray Porter)

The year is 1961. The Cold War is in full swing and the space race is on. Russia aims to send humanity to space… but what if space comes to humanity instead?

Soviet Yuri Gagarin’s historic first manned-spaceflight is disrupted when an alien Mothership jumps into orbit, causing a cosmic car crash that defies all odds.

Everything changes. The US and USSR must quickly put aside their differences. In exchange for the Earth’s help in the rebuilding of their Mothership, the mysterious aliens know as Vulbathi offer promises of technology beyond humanity’s wildest dreams. All the while, the world asks whether the Vulbathi are saviors or conquerors.

When an alien tech counterfeiter’s mistake sets off a chain reaction, the fragile peace is threatened. Connor McCoy didn’t mean to upset Earth’s new intergalactic neighbors. He only wanted to make some cash.

Now, Connor is the only person who can stop the doomsday clock from striking midnight. That is if his estranged brother, an agent in the new Department of Alien Relations, doesn’t get to him first.

The Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira

By Lou Diamond Phillips
eBook & Hardcover Release Date: 10/20/2020
Audiobook Release Date: 10/20/2020 (narrated by RC Bray & Julia Whelan)

From the imagination of actor Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba, Stargate Universe, Prodigal Son) comes an epic and unforgettable Science Fantasy tale.

Two worlds at war will bring them together… or tear them apart…

Everson didn’t want to be a soldier. His parents forced him to serve, as all good Indiran men should. The only problem? His first battle against their mortal enemies goes horribly wrong and he winds up stranded on the enemy planet.

Now, Everson has to survive in this strange new land where everyone is out to get him. Not to mention, the planet Mano is covered in unforgiving desert. And he’s the target of traitors who want to use him in a dastardly plot to overthrow their mad king, Xander the Firm, by having him retrieve a piece of mysterious and powerful ancient technology known as the Tinderbox.

But everything changes during a chance encounter with the king’s daughter, Allegra. Despite her station, she’s in as grave of danger from her own people as Everson is. And though their peoples have been at odds for centuries, an unlikely spark forms between them.

As their worlds come crashing down around them, their forbidden love might be the only chance to end this war forever. Or, it might just be the doom of everyone…

The Salvage Crew

By Yudhanyaya Wjitneratne
eBook Release Date: 10/27/2020
Audiobook Release Date: 10/27/2020 (This is a secret still but Nathan Fillion is narrating this audiobook)

They thought this was just another salvage job. They thought wrong.

An AI overseer and a human crew arrive on a distant planet to salvage an ancient UN starship. The overseer is unhappy. The crew, well, they’re certainly no A-team. Not even a C-team on the best of days.

And worse? Urmahon Beta, the planet, is at the ass-end of nowhere. Everybody expects this to be a long, ugly, and thankless job.

Then it all goes disastrously wrong. What they thought was an uninhabited backwater turns out to be anything but empty. Megafauna roam the land, a rival crew with some terrifyingly high-powered gear haunts the dig site, and a secret that will change humanity forever is waiting in the darkness.

Stuck on this unmapped, hostile planet, lacking resources, and with tech built by the cheapest bidder, the salvage crew must engineer their way to payday…and beat Urmahon Beta before it kills them all.

Experience this space exploration adventure told from the perspective of a snarky artificial intelligence you won’t soon forget.