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Titan announces Endless Space 2 Stories comics are coming to print

Titan Comics has announced that it is teaming up with game developer Amplitude Studios to release ENDLESS Space 2 Stories – comics set in the heroic sci-fi world of the ENDLESS Universe and based on the hit strategy video game ENDLESS Space 2 – as a complete collection in February 2023. Previously only available digitally through Steam and Games2Gether, these comics will finally be brought together and published in print.

Released in 2017, ENDLESS Space 2 is a popular turn-based strategy game available to play on PC. Players must choose from 12 different factions that operate within the galaxy of the ENDLESS Universe- a cosmos abandoned by a god-like ancient civilization, scattered with mystical ruins, powerful artifacts and a mysterious, near-magical substance known as Dust.

Written by Amplitude Studios’ Narrative Director Jeff Spock, Lead Writer Stephen Gaskell, and Hugo Award-winning Jeremy Sim, with art by creators such as Denis Medri, Yoon Seong Park, Oliver Moreno, and Max RaynorENDLESS Space 2 Stories follows the game’s factions and their heroes as they grapple for power in a fractured galaxy – from the peaceful, tech-curious Sophons to the resilient, nomadic Vaulters. In the ENDLESS Universe, discover the heart amongst the stars with a variety of stories told from an empire-wide point of view, right down to how an ordinary (or extraordinary) day in the life of somebody, somewhere can have an astronomical impact.