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Yoe Books Presents Limbo Lounge

Yoe Books, in conjunction with IDW Publishing and Top Shelf, is overjoyed to announce a worthy title to its celebrated catalogue—Limbo Lounge by acclaimed illustrator Dave Calver.

Spearheaded by multiple Eisner Award-winner, Craig Yoe, who guarantees this title will live up to their collections of stupendous comic art geniuses of the past, Limbo Lounge is already getting recognition across the comic book community, racking up positive review attention.

An original graphic novel where newly dead people in Limbo await their fate at a bar while surrounded by bored interlopers from hell. This trippy, surreal, full-color adventure brings us from the hot, swirling sands of hell to the colorfully bizarre Limbo Lounge. Meet flower-headed freaks, Bud and Lou. Root for their new friend, a spry, elderly nun, Sister Eunice, as she works remotely in Limbo continuing to rid earth of despicable dirt bags. And, by all means, avoid the knife-wielding little pageant-princess-gone-bad as she plots for anything she can get at anyone’s expense.

Reserve your copy of Limbo Lounge from Yoe Books today before it hits bookshelves 2/6/18!