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Preview: Amerikarate #4


Writer(s): Brockton McKinney, Corey Kalman
Artist Name(s): Devin Roth
Cover Artist(s): Devin Roth (art) & Yaoyao Ma Van As (color art), Daniel Arruda Massa, Bill McKay, April O’Neil
Cover A – Regular cover (unlimited): Devin Roth & Yaoyao Ma Van As
Cover B – Movie Poster variant cover (limited to 1500): Daniel Arruda Massa
Cover C – Sexy Time variant cover (limited to 1500): Bill McKay
Cover D – April O’Neil Cosplay Photo 32 pgs./ M / FC

Sam Kickwell and his partner in karate and love, Agent Cynthia Weaver, jump-kick their way into the belly of the beast – a Karate-Gang-Filled Mansion! They will have to punch, kick, stab, shoot and even sex their way through one vengeful, weapons-heavy, black-belted gang after another just to get near America’s greatest enemy… the evil dictator, Neon!