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Choice Quotes

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Deadpool Team-up #897

Deadpool – This is about as fun as a Sarah Palin rally.

Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1

Uranian: Based on transmissions I have listened to, the citizenry seem gripped by xenophobia.  Likely the result of extended world war.  I was asked several times if I was a Soviet or member of the Communist Party.  The jingoism here is strange to me.

Siege #1

Norman Osborn – Asgard is in a position to threaten America and the American way of life.

Hawkeye – So is McDonald’s.  Should we invade that too?

Siege: Embedded #1

Ben Urich – Then one of Chicago’s finest put me in the back of his car.  Said they had a list of which press was allowed into the site.

Will Stern – Go America.  Go freedom of the press.

Choice Quotes

Black Panther #10

M’Toka – You have to admit, N’Dega, that the Princess-regent gave a powerful speech.  She addressed the financial crisis and laid out the government’s step-by-step plan to deal with it.

N-Dega – Yes.  It was very well written.  But clever words are not what this country needs right now.  They need leadership.  Real leadership… that’s not phoned in.


Black Panther – It’s disheartening to know that an enlightened people such as our own can succumb to paranoia so thoroughly that xenophobia becomes their ideology.

Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #1

Commander – You eye-gee shlagers! Totalitarian hitmen!

Voltar – Yeah, that’s enough political commentary from you.

Supergod #1

Simon Reddin – The whole of religious history is about us trying to build amazing creatures that will save the world.

Choice Quotes

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1

Brainiac 6 – You still cling to the impossible: the eradication of xenophobia.

Saturn Girl – It’s not impossible. I have peered into the minds of those that hold onto hate and I have seen the potential to change that. We can bring out the best in them, just like Superman brought out the best in us.

X-Factor: Layla Miller

Future President – Understand these steps are being taken not out of hostility…but out of love for all of you. Do not let cruel hostile words from agitators frighten you. War is peace. Hatred is acceptance.


Layla Miller – On April 11, 2003, when Donald Rumsfeld was asked about rioting in Iraq, he said “Think what’s happened in our cities when we’ve had riots, and problems and looting. Stuff happens!”

DMZ #34

Even before the voting opened, the trouble started. The intimidation, the irregularities, the breakdown… the fear… and the violence.

Every vote counted probably meant three chucked in the garbage. Or worse. But they voted. And cried and bled and fell and died in the streets for that vote. But every vote, every intention to put a mark next to a name, well, that fucking counted even if the paper record was disappeared. It counted.

Captain America #41

Reporter –Since Ross Perot that an Independent Candidate has been invited to be a part of any Presidential debates. And yet there’s —

Reporter 2 — Senator Wright’s popularity in the polls, the committee had little choice. And as you can see turnout is massive. Already the hall is filled to —

Final Crisis: Revelations #1

Here’s the difference between vengeance and justice. Vengeance comes from the heart, it’s driven by emotion. Justice comes from the head, it’s driven by reason. This is why the victim of a crime isn’t allowed to be part of the jury.

The Invincible Iron Man #5

Ezekiel Stane – It’s not terror if civilians don’t get killed dummy. It’s tragic and unjust and inexplicable. That’s why they call it terror. You got a lot to learn about the way the world works these days, Tony.