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Review: DarkCat #1: Return of Favors

Darkcat #1: Return of Favors

There are very few times in life when you get to make amends. Most of the time when one makes a mistake we hope to never make it again. If you’re smart, you look to learn from the mistake you made. There’s always a lesson in failing. It’s rare for one to be able to have a do-over. Those chances are very rare making these instances more than what you need.

Avengers: Endgame has shown us you can make amends but not everything can be fixed. The casualties the movie sustained was more than impactful. It changed how our heroes fought against evil making the next chapter in this world even grimmer.

What happens when you find out someone else’s misfortune was because of you? In the prequel, DarkCat: Return Of Favors #1, we find one hero coming to grips with past sins.

We are taken to Argentina, where we meet DarkCat, a superhero, whose scuffle with a police officer Agent Snaider leaves him with many regrets. He convinced the police officer to let him go costing him to get demoted. DarkCat decides to do something about it by digging up dirt on the very man who can change Snaider’s life, Commissioner Gutierrez. Before he could leave with evidence he’s accosted by the private security of the police commissioner. From there, it’s a race to expose a criminal network before it’s too late.

Overall, an excellent story that sets the stage for an epic world and an immense array of characters. The story by Francisco Zamora is action-packed, fun and intense. The art by the creative team is gorgeous and electric. Altogether, a comics universe comics readers all over the world can get into.

Story: Francisco Zamora
Art: Dario Brabo
and Roger Goldstain
Editors: Jonh Curcio
and Luis Luigiman Sanchez
Story: 10 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Darkcat #1

Darkcat #1

There’s something still so magnetic about the movie The Usual Suspects. It brilliantly tells a crime noir tale without the usual classic setting. The story reminded of the type of stories Robert Towne was known for. Smart and entertaining stories involving shady characters. The movie starred mostly unknown actors at the time who would go on to become world-renowned.

Part of the movie that gets every viewer is when you realize that you were looking at the villain all along. It feels like every movie and tv show since has at some point has tried to pull off something similar but never quite the same effect. Bryan Singer pulled off an expert trick as audiences everywhere felt like a fool once they realize what had happened. In the first issue of DarkCat Jonas discovers one such mysterious figure as he’s determined to find answers.

We find Jonas looking for his chance to confront rich businessperson, Javier Cruz, who is the richest man in Argentina, but he holds more than his share of secrets. As Cruz makes a speech, DarkCat makes his move to find out what he is hiding but is interrupted by two of Cruz’s goons, as it seems as though somebody knew what Jonas was up to.  As he looks to finally gets his long-sought answers from Cruz, we soon find out that he has put out an arrest warrant for him, which brings the full force of the police with some new gadgets provide by Cruz. By issue’s end, he finds his way to Taiger and The Horde.

Overall, an action-packed story that proves that superhero stories can also be thrillers. The story by Leonardo Figueroa is well developed, smart, and shows worldbuilding at its best. The art by the creative team is simply gorgeous. Altogether, this book serves as proof that when it comes to comics, sometimes the best is from the other side of the world.

Story: Leonardo Figueroa
Art: Emiliano Urich, Max Cereijido and Carolina Cesario
Editors: John Curcio
and Luis Luigiman Sanchez
Story: 10 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy