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ComiXology Delivers a Trio of New Digital Releases

ComiXology has three new digital releases today including one from Yen Press and two from Harlequin. Check out and get all three now or look at the individual issues below.

The Ceo’s Nanny Affair

Written by Joss Wood
Art by Yuki Shiomiya

When Tate Harper agreed to meet with her estranged sister, she never imagined all she’d find was a baby and a note. But this isn’t the first time her sister has abandoned her own child! Four years ago, she left her fiancé, successful business owner Linc Ballantyne, at the altar with their newborn baby. Now desperate to find her sister, Tate finds herself at Linc’s door. Linc agrees to help her, but only if she’ll temporarily take care of his son in return. Can she really move in with her sister’s ex?

The Ceo's Nanny Affair

Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One #46

Written by Kumo Kagyu
Art by Shingo Adachi, Noboru Kannatuki, Kento Sakaeda

This series is rated Adults Only DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality gore
On a perfect morning, in an Adventurers Guild far from the frontier, a certain adventurer’s record is scrutinized… Read the next chapter of Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One the same day as Japan!

Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One #46

Tycoon’s Valentine Vendetta

Written by Yvonne Lindsay
Art by Kakuko Shinozaki

When Lily returns to her hometown, she’s surprised to see Jack, her first love. Ten years ago, that love was torn apart by Lily’s father against her will. But Jack has matured into a sophisticated and wealthy man. After sharing a gentle kiss, Lily finds she still desires Jack. But she hides an important secret from him…

Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta

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