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Advent Comics’ Titan the Ultra Man #2 Kickstarter Launches

That’s right, Titan the Ultra Man is back in Titan the Ultra Man #2! But Titan needs your help to get into print. Advent Comics has launched a Kickstarter to cover the expense of getting the book printed. They’re trying to raise $1,000.00 which will cover the cost of printing the book.

Titan the Ultra Man #2 picks up where the first issue left off with Titan defending Sky City from harm. In this issue, Titan encounters brand new allies (such as Giant and Porcelain Doll) and dangerous new villains like the evil Corporate Raiders, powerful Atom Smasher and brutal Mauler. And if that isn’t enough, Titan debuts his NEW COSTUME!

Even if you can’t suppor the Kickstarter, help spread the word. Reward packages are from $1 to $50. As little as ONE DOLLAR can help.