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Meet The Union the Newest Marvel Superhero Team from the UK

Marvel’s newest super team is here! Meet The Union, a team composed of heroes from all over the United Kingdom, in an exciting new series from writer Paul Grist and artist Andrea Di Vito. Union Jack along with a host of spectacular new heroes have banded together just in time to take on the galactic threat coming in Marvel’s 2020 event, Empyre, but that is only the start of this team’s epic adventures.

Joining Union Jack will be the best heroes the UK has to offer including Snakes from Northern Ireland, Kelpie from Scotland, The Choir from Wales, and their fearless leader, the legendary Britannia! With new heroes comes new designs and hit artist R.B. Silva was delighted to provide dynamic looks for the whole cast!

See Silva’s cover below as well as his eye-popping character designs and prepare to meet these new heroes when The Union #1 hits stands this May!

The Union #1
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