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Preview: The Riverdale Diaries Vol. 2 Starring Veronica


Writer: Sarah Kuhn
Artist: Dean Rankine
Cover: Dean Rankine
9781499812145 (TP) / 9781499812145 (HC)
$12.99 (TP) / $24.99 (HC)
5 1/2 x 8”
128 pp, Full Color
On-Sale Date: 11/16
Publisher: little bee books

Veronica Lodge has always been the most fabulous and popular kid in her class. But ever since she started middle school, she’s become a small fish in a much bigger pond. Now, Veronica is terrified her classmates will find out her wealthy dad is out of work. Worse, she has a birthday coming up, and her parties are always huge, grand events. If she can’t have a party this year, then everyone will know the truth about her father, and she just can’t deal.

When Veronica learns about the annual School Spirit Contest — which happens to have a cash prize attached — she makes up her mind to win the contest and use the money to fund her festivities. Her only obstacle is the infuriatingly cool and older Cheryl Blossom, who’s handily won the contest two years in a row. Can Veronica save her birthday?

She’s Veronica Lodge.

What do you think?

This second volume of the fantastic middle school series done in partnership with Archie Comic Publications, Inc. reunites the fantastic cast of iconic characters reimagined in a new style and setting. Author Sarah Kuhn and artist Dean Rankine, making his middle-grade graphic novel debut, bring the heart and humor once again to a story that will have readers laughing and crying and hugging their besties. STARRING VERONICA is for anyone whose parent lost a job, whose birthday was in danger of being canceled, or who just needs to remember how fantastic they really are. Welcome to Riverdale!

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