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It’s new comic book day! So, how many people are heading to the shop today?

Around the Tubes

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The Beat – Richard Corben’s The Conqueror Worm

Richard Corben Unearths Poe’s Conqueror Worm

Dark Horse’s continues to expand it’s with the announcement of comics legend Richard Corben’s adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem The Conqueror Worm.

In Edgar Allan Poe’s The Conqueror Worm, a betrayed man hunts down his wife and her lover, only to stumble upon a gruesome puppet show based on his life. This series will be rotten to the core!

Corben will also be lending his talents to Dark Horse Presents, penning additional spine-tingling stories by Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Conqueror Worm is on sale November 21, 2012!