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Preview: The 27 Run: Crush

The 27 Run: Crush

WRITER: Justin Zimmerman
ILLUSTRATORS: Ethan Claunch and Russell Brown

As if 27 enormous monsters ruling over post-apocalyptic Earth wasn’t enough, now there’s a new threat from outer space: Crawlies, a legion of alien predators eating everything in their path. Humanity’s only chance is an incredible combat mech piloted by Beti, lone hero of a struggling band of survivors, and her best friend, a telepathic dog named E.K.

When they throw out a distress call to no one as they give up hope and go down fighting, the most unexpected thing happens in an already very unexpected day: someone answers. There’s another mech out there! Now Beti faces an even bigger challenge as a long-lost love returns . . . and he’s brought one of The 27 along for the ride!

Filled with jaw-dropping visuals and laugh-out-loud comedy, CRUSH picks up where THE 27 RUN left off, with a new hero, a bold new direction, and a ton of heart as humanity makes its final stand!

The 27 Run: Crush

A Wave Blue World Provides Retailers with 2 Free Exclusive Variants as a Thank You

A Wave Blue World is kicking off 2021 by showing thanks to retailers who have supported them by ordering their books, backing their Kickstarters, or signed up for their monthly newsletters.

AWBW will be sending supporting retailers 2 limited edition copies of The 27 Run: Crush #1 Premier Edition featuring an exclusive cover by artist Leo Colapietro. The exclusive is limited to a print run of 300.

Crush is the follow-up to 2018’s original mechs vs. monsters graphic novel The 27 Run. The sequel introduces a new hero, Beti, and her telepathic dog, E.K., as they face off against 27 towering monsters in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Created and written by Justin Zimmerman, the series features art by Ethan Claunch and Russell Brown, colors by Fran Gamboa, and lettering by Thomas Mauer.

The 27 Run: Crush #1

The regular edition of The 27 Run: Crush #1 Premier Edition hits retail shops on January 13, 2021 with a cover by Ken Lashley and Juan Fernandez. A hardcover collected edition will be released on March 10 featuring cover artist Robbi Rodriguez.

Other Premier Editions due out this year from A Wave Blue World include Averee by Stephanie Phillips and Marika Cresta with an exclusive cover by Dave Johnson (February 2021), and The Orphan King by Tyler Chin-Tanner and James Boyle with an exclusive cover by InHyuk Lee (April 2021).

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