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Choice Quotes

Green Lantern Corps. #38

Kyle Rayner – I don’t care about what they feel right now — no one else is being executed today until we convene a trial and follow the letter of the law!

Guy Gardner – Due process bud!


Kyle Rayner – This isn’t about saving your worthless lives — it’s about preserving an ideal, damn it!


Kyle Rayner – If you’re so intent on doing this — if this is something you’re proud of — why are you committing these executions hidden away in here — where’s the transparency, why isn’t it being added to the Book of Oa as the Fifth Law then?  Why don’t you do it in public — for all of Oa and the Corps. to see?


Kyle Rayner – And when Green Lanterns are taken prisoner — what do you expect to happen then?  It’ll be an eye for an eye until both sides are blind.

Guardian – This is war.  It is a conflagration that unfortunately burns through innocent and guilty alike.  The Green Lantern Corps. must be all will and no heart if we are to emerge victorious and keep the universe safe.

Kyle Rayner – So that’s it then, hmm?  This is the path we’re going to let ourselves go down?


Guy Gardner – C’mon Kyle, I need a change of scenery now that the Blue Cavalry is back to make the universe safe for Democracy.

Wolverine: Weapon X #3

Mr. Bender – Five years from now, Blackguard will be this country’s de facto military.

Ms. Garner – But… the election.  All that talk of change… The new administration would never allow that to happen…

Mr. Bender – Grow up, Ms. Gardner.  Whoever happens to be sitting in the White House at any given moment is irrelevant.  The only Presidents who really matter anymore are the ones we put on our money.