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1First Comics’ Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History is Out this October

The story of one of the most influential men in United States history is brought to cinematic life in a new, all-ages graphic novel published by 1First Comics on October 9, 2019.

Extensively researched and featuring period-perfect art, Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History explores some of the most provocative aspects of Hamilton’s life, including the nature of his ancestry. In so doing, it sheds new light on everything from his titanic feuds with his political rivals to his far-sighted abolitionism.

The book is written by Stephen L. Stern, author of BeowulfA Christmas Carol; and the War of the Worlds graphic novels, with art by Stan Timmons, whose comics credits range from Robin Hood to Plan 9 From Outer Space, and is published by iconic independent publisher 1First Comics.

As in the Broadway musical sensation, Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History follows Hamilton’s meteoric rise in the new world of America, where he became George Washington’s aide-de-camp, through his scandalous extramarital affair that shook the nation, and the legendary duel with Aaron Burr that resulted in his untimely death.

Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History will be available on Amazon.com and through Diamond Comic Books Distributors (item code: AUG191956).

Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History