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Preview: Kelly: The Cartoon America Turns to

Kelly: The Cartoon America Turns to

Edited by Ward Sutton (w) • Stan Kelly (a & c)

The Los Angeles Times proclaims The Onion’s editorial cartoonist, Stan Kelly, “A maniac whose ideas frequently make no sense at all!” But what do you expect from the Lame-stream Media? What truly makes no sense at all is that there has never been a published collection of Kelly’s work—until now! Easily our era’s top opinion-maker, Kelly influences everyone from world leaders to water cooler layabouts. Sticking it to the sickos and giving props to the patriotic, Kelly’s super-award-winning cartoons “tell it like it is” and frame today’s crucial issues in context so you don’t have to. This lavish, soft-cover 50th Anniversary Collection, compiled by acolyte Ward Sutton and loaded with bonus extras, presents the best of Kelly in his signature, eye-popping black and white. It’s a trip every Kellyhead has been dying to take!

TPB • B&W • $19.99 • 200 pages • 8.5″ x 6.88″ • ISBN: 978-1-63140-684-3