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Dark Souls Black Knight 1/6 scale statue by Gecco Revealed

Black Knight (Kurokishi) is the formidable enemy from the video game  Dark Souls consistently challenging players on their journey. This  character is faithfully recreated as a 1/6 scale statue, thoroughly 
supervised by the design team of FromSoftware.

The concept of Fire, Ash and Soot, which represents the world of Dark Souls is engraved on the Black Knight’s armor, and the intricate and 
beautiful design are captured by using traditional sculpture techniques.

The Black Knight was once the proud Silver Knight of Gwyn and was burnt 
black. You will see the dull silver in the scorched black surface 
recreated by the exacting paint work.

This statue stands over 40 cm/16 inches tall creating an intimidating 
presence even in 1/6 scale.

Moreover, the eyes light up with LED, which further enhances the uncanny 

The weapons and shield were digitally sculpted in precise detail.*The 
Black Knight Greatsword, Greataxe and Halberd are all included as a 
bonus with the pre-order.

The pre-painted statue is sculpted by Sinya Yamaoka, digitally sculpted by Masaki Akao, and painted by Katsushige Akeyama. Out in June-July 2019, it retails for $469.99.