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Anime Expo Lite 2021 Presents World Premiere of SHIKIZAKURA Anime Series


Anime Expo Lite 2021 will host the exclusive world premiere of SHIKIZAKURA in a special livestream event on Saturday, July 4th at 5:15PM PDT. It will notably feature a performance by J-Pop singer, May’n, and remarks and a Q&A session with the series’ director, Go Kurosaki, and voice actors Miho Mashiro and Yudai Noda.

Be sure to join us for the panel on Saturday, as the premiere episode will not be available via VOD (due to streaming rights). However, the Q&A portion of the event will be available to watch via VOD through July 16, 2021.

Co-produced by Chukyo TV and animation studio, Sublimation, SHIKIZAKURA is the first anime series to be created in Japan’s central Tokai region. The adventure series also features Caitlin Macatee, the winner of the voice acting audition held at Anime Expo 2019. Sublimation is renowned for its CG animation work on titles such as Dragon’s Dogma, the Love Live series, and PSYCHO PASS.

In the place of Shikizakura (cherry trees), where autumn leaves and cherry blossoms are flourishing and where human world intersects with the demon world, a ritual to save the human world is about to begin… Kakeru Miwa, a high school student, gets involved in a battle between powered suits and oni that emerge from the demon world to prey on Onis manifest themselves in this world by possessing humans.

Only “Yoroi,” powered suit that is a fusion of ancient secrets and cutting-edge technology, can protect people from onis. Kakeru puts on a Yoroi by chance and becomes a semi-official member of a team that fights against onis.

Determined to become a hero, Kakeru battles Onis to protect Ouka Myojin, the shrine maiden destined to save the world. In the season of Shikizakura, in midst of autumn leaves and a flurry of cherry petals, Ouka performs a dance as a shrine maiden. At the place where the past and the future, this world and the alien world, people’s thoughts and hopes all meet, a tale of heroic action-adventure begins! Season 1 of the series will premiere on Japanese TV in October.

Anime Expo Lite 2021 marks the 30th Anniversary of the long-running annual convention. Anime Expo is the biggest North American fan celebration for Japanese pop culture including anime, TV & film, fashion, video games, manga, dance, live concerts, collectibles, and exclusive convention merchandise, presented as an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages.

Registration information:

  • Dates – July 3-4, 2021 / 12pm – 8pm (PST)
  • Ticket Registration
  • Registration $5 (+ processing fees) – all proceeds to benefit the Hate Is a Virus commUNITY Action Fund
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