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DC’s Hill House Returns with Refrigerator Full of Heads

DC’s Hill House is the comic imprint launched by Joe Hill. Its horror theme kept the line focused on its initial launches. A new series, Refrigerator Full of Heads has been announced from writer Rio Youers and artist Tom Fowler. It’s the first in a new wave of Hill House titles from DC and continues the world of Basketful of Heads one of the initial launch titles.

Refrigerator Full of Heads launches on October 19th and will bring readers back to bloody Brody Island. At the bottom of the bay, the mysterious axe that unleashed violent pandemonium during the hurricane of ’83 has been waiting… but nothing that powerful stays buried.

With a new sheriff, new visitors, and a dangerous Great White Shark spotted off the coast, the pieces are all in place for terror to rise again when vacationing couple Calvin Beringer and Arlene Fields stumble onto the wrong side of Brody’s unsavory elements.

Refrigerator Full of Heads is an off-the-wall delight, with moments that could only happen in the panels of a Hill House comic. Readers will not want to miss where this story goes! Issue one of six will be available in comic book shops on October 19 featuring a cover by Sam Wolfe Connelly and a variant cover by Reiko Murakami.

Refrigerator Full of Heads

Preview: The Low, Low Woods #6 (of 6)

The Low, Low Woods #6 (of 6)

(W) Carmen Maria Machado (A) Dani (CA) Sam Wolfe Connelly
In Shops: Jun 24, 2020
SRP: $3.99

There’s a fire burning deep within the ground in Shudder-to-Think, Pennsylvania. There’s a river running through the mountains that makes you forget your life. There’s an old resort called Heaven on Earth, where a group of men like to make women forget. And there are two teenagers named Octavia and El who are determined to put an end to it all. Time is running out.

The Low, Low Woods #6 (of 6)

Preview: The Low, Low Woods #4 (of 6)

The Low, Low Woods #4 (of 6)

(W) Carmen Maria Machado (A) Dani (CA) Sam Wolfe Connelly
In Shops: Mar 18, 2020
SRP: $3.99

Hill House Comics
El and Octavia’s paths converge in an unexpected and bizarre way. They come together again just in time to witness a truly horrendous sight: a mob of Skinless Men erupting from the fiery fissures of Shudder-to-Think, Pennsylvania.

The Low, Low Woods #4 (of 6)

The Frights Continue in The Low, Low Woods #3!

The Low, Low Woods #3

Written by Carmen Maria Machado
Art by Dani
Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Lettering by Steve Wands
Cover by Sam Wolfe Connelly
Variant cover by Jenny Frison
In shops February 19, 2020
Final orders due: January 27, 2020
SRP: $3.99

Writer Carmen Maria Machado (Her Body and Other PartiesIn the Dream House) and artist Dani increase the suspense and the horror in issue #3 of The Low, Low Woods, from DC’s Hill House Comics!

Women with antlers like deer. Men in the woods with no skin. Coal mines, eternally burning underground. Just another day in the town of Shudder-To-Think, PA.

El and Octavia find themselves on two separate paths. One leads to somewhere deep within the Earth, and the other leads to a small green trailer on the edge of town. There, the people of Shudder-to-Think, PA say, lives a witch. For a price, she can change you—and even make you forget that which you no longer wish to remember. But what is the price of remembering that which you have lost?

Plus: Chapter Nine of the murderous werewolves at sea shanty, Sea Dogs, by Joe Hill and Dan McDaid!

The Low, Low Woods #3

Preview: The Low, Low Woods #2 (of 6)

The Low, Low Woods #2 (of 6)

(W) Carmen Maria Machado (A) Dani, Dan McDaid (CA) Sam Wolfe Connelly
In Shops: Jan 15, 2020
SRP: $3.99

El and Octavia’s memories have gone missing. Like so many women in Shudder-To-Think, PA, before them, all they have is a void where the truth once was. But as time passes, El finds herself needing to know more about what has happened, while Octavia wants nothing more than to forget the forgetting. Can these two teenage dirtbags reconcile their differences before the horrible things lurking beneath their town emerge and swallow them whole?

The Low, Low Woods #2 (of 6)
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